You've got all tiers of government on one show!

If you're looking to learn something new every day, then spread this week's episode over the course of a week, because you're about to be schooled.

Dr Anne Webster MP stopped by Robinvale Network House this week for a cuppa & afternoon tea from Loft 13. It's so nice to be able to hear from our representatives for actual conversations, and then deliver them to you, because as much as sometimes you may not agree, it's always much more informative than a 4 second sound bite we get on traditional media.

We cover a lot of topics such as the Pacific Islander Worker Scheme, re-opening the State borders, the challenge that presents itself when working down the funnel from a Federal level, her new office opening in Swan Hill, healthcare, and plenty more. In fact, there is even more for our VIP's (Very Important Patron's), so if you'd like to become one and hear the full conversation, you can do that here.

We also catch up with Mark Gepp MP, Member for Northern Victoria about the Community Sport Sector Short Term Survival Package that is now available through the state government for sporting leagues & associations.

There is money there to help our clubs and associations locally, so we urge everyone to apply and you can do that here:

Then Kady Moore comes in to give us a wrap up of her running campaign. She's doing the

Run4Heroes to raise money for Victoria Police Legacy. An organisation taking care of the families who are left behind when a member of Victoria Police is killed in the line of duty. She's joining Luke's running group on Saturday morning and what a brilliant way to finish the month if we had a massive group, physically distanced and split into groups of 10 to help her across the line.

Lots to get through, and Donny & Charlie are in fine form this week.

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